Sunday, November 23, 2008


Bob, Lauren and Grandpa Dana

This cute picture was found when my grandparents home was robbed. The robbers had thrown it out of my Grandpa's drawer. My uncles found it on the floor when they were cleaning up and gave it to me. So touching that my grandpa loved it so much, he kept it in his drawer. I know Lauren misses him as much as I do!

Happy Birthday, Lauren!!! The big 25! You've made in 1/4 of the way!! Love you, Sis!!

When I thought Prop 102 was over.........

I thought things were simmering down and I received a letter in the mail. It was addressed to "Proposition 102 Supporters". I almost threw it away but something told me to open it. It read as follows:
Dear Prop 102 Supporter:
It was interesting to see that while you were trying to make rules for other people, you chose to ignore the rules and law regarding displaying your signs. Surely you are aware that there are laws and city ordinances against using public property (the wall which is city property adjqcent to your property)for campaign signs. Perhaps you feel you are granted special status and don't have to follow the la3w while you spread your message of hate, fear, intolerance and ignorance. The God I am familiar with loves all everyone, tolerates everyone, and forgives us for our poor choices. Perhaps you a different God, or a warped view of the same God. Fortunately, God also gives us the ability to think of is a good thing to do. Try it.
Oh, by the way, this from a heterosexual who is happily married. Gays and lesbians, even Mormons and zealots, don't threaten my marriage. Too bad your isn't as sound.
A Neighbor

Wow---just when you think they have all gone away, another one surfaces! It's interesting to see that their "God" only forgives those people they want forgiven! Everyone but those Mormons!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Dinner

What a crazy day and thankfully Kirk and Sue brought over some green chile for dinner and all I had to do was some dessert and beans and rice. This music calling is getting a little crazy-and most of it is my fault-because I asked the bishop if we could have a missionary fireside showcasing the musical talent from our ward. A Christmas Celebration of Music with very polished numbers and fabulous Christmas treats to follow, along with socializing and getting to know the neighbors! We got the OK for the building about 30 minutes after church so now I must get it together. I'll keep you posted on how things go!

It Happened!!

We have a 33 foot motorhome in our driveway that Keifer call the "Lone Star" (from Spaceballs). Pictures to follow!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Are we gonna have a Winni?

Yesterday, Keifer found a Winnebego for a steal. He and I went over to check it out and I think we've got ourselves a Winni (as Keifer calls it!)! It just needs some TLC which I will be offering. Keifer and I are going to buy it together. He'll pay half and I'll pay half. He'll handle the outside and I will handle the inside. Keifer has been looking for a motorhome for atleast a year. He needs to park it down at the Dunes where he can run his mobile weding business in the months from October to May. He gave the business a shot last year but didn't have a shower and he said he couldn't do it! Once it comes back from the Dunes it May, I will take it up to the mountains and maybe park it on some land my mom has up there! It's only a hour and half away and it would be a fun escape in the hotttt summer! We'll keep you posted! CRAZY!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

All 88 AZ Stakes have Conference

Justin and I just returned home from an awesome conference where Elder Bruce Hafen, Elder Jay Jensen, a sister from the General Primary Presidency and Elder Boyd K Packer spoke.
I normally don't enjoy the satellite too much but today it was awesome. One of my favorite parts happened while we were singing the rest hymn. As we were singing, the words came into my mind that all members of the church in AZ we standing at the same time, singing together as one united body, as one united force for good! A tear began to fall as I felt the strength and power of all 88 stakes united together. The royal army was assembled today.
All talks were good. Elder Hafen talked about consecration. He said we have 3 types in the church: the inactive, the active and the consecrated. He said that the church would drastically change if only 3 or 4 families per ward would consecrate themselves to the gospel. Wow! He also talked about the honor we have in AZ of being blessed with 3 more temples. He said we need to take this time to prepare those members of our families and our friends to be able to attend the temple dedication and the temple after that. Some referred to Prop 102 and Prop 8 and why we should vote for marriage. Elder Packer did a great job talking simply about why marriage is important. As he closed he said that things were going to change and change drastically as we know them. He instructed that we stay close to family and not fear.
Coincidentally, I received a call yesterday from our Stake PR person asking if I would stay after the adult meeting and talk to a new member that was having problems with the marriage prop. I was happy to do so and after the meeting, the McClures were standing with us when asked to begin the discussion. It was so awesome to do missionary work again! The spirit was so strong as Bishop McClure started related stories from his life that perfectly aligned with hers. It was just a coincidence that he was standing there. He was the bishop of the ward that she is in and he invited her to come to him anytime. I just bore testimony to her that God is real and that he knows her and that she just needs to pour her heart out to him. I told her she must strengthen her testimony and her relationship with God so as times get tough, she will be solid. She began to cry and we all began to cry and it was a beautiful special moment. I am grateful that I was invited to help.

Stolen signs have Happy Ending!

Keifer and Justin putting the signs back up. Keifer had a great idea of using bags full of sand to hold the bags over the wall. Better than bricks because the vandals could use the bricks to throw into our windows!

Keifer and Justin hanging the sign back on the wall

Justin and the sign--it's a big one!
Because the signs were stolen, I wrote a letter to the editor to our 2 major papers. I was informed on Friday at the Halloween party that one of the papers published my comments! Awesome, I didn't even know!
Also, I called the City of Mesa in response to an ordinance violation notice--someone complained about the giant banner we put on the wall on side of our house--explaining that someone had pulled it down before I could remove it. The inspector told me he would come out and take a picture of the banner down(because they pulled it down!) and close the case. He then told me I could put a banner back up the following day and even if someone complained, the election would be over and the banner would be down before he could come back! Awesome!


Nuts at work
Rita and I swapped hair!

This isn't a wanted poster---It's Keifer!
another picture coming of Kirk and Bob!!