Sunday, August 17, 2008

JR Price comes to life again

Today after Sacrament meeting in Pleasant View 3rd ward, Provo, UT, this women, Sister Smoot came up to me and if I was LaRita's daughter in law from AZ. I told her I was and she began to ask questions about the new temple going up in Phoenix. I told her we didn't know much and she began telling me how she had lived there years ago. She talked about our Central Ward building, how it was built and telling the same story Grandpa Dana had told me many times before.
Apparently one of the leaders, (maybe JR Price) came into their priesthood meeting and told them their were 10 lots surrounding the church and they weren't leaving the meeting until all 10 lots had been purchased. Grandpa bought one and they were all sold before everyone left. She went on to tell me that her father served as JR Price's executive secretary when he was the Phoenix Stake President. Now who is this JR Price some of you ask? He is Trevor's great grandfather. He is also a man I heard about my entire life. My grandparents loved him very much. He was mission president in the Eastern Stake Mission (Grandpa Dana, Uncle George, Uncle Joe and Uncle Doug's mission). I believe Grandpa served on his high council, then followed him a few years later as the Stake President. I had always heard his name in the highest regard.
When we found out he was Trevor's great grandfather, I was so pleased to know that Grandpa would be absolutely thrilled to have that connection in his family line.

Utah for Elizabeth's wedding

Bob and his siblings-Ann, David, Elizabeth, Bob, LaRita and Caroline

Elizabeth and David and the Bishop in the background that married them.
Jessie, Paige, Maren and Miles Spencer. It was their Mom's wedding

Grandma Betty, Ann and Grandma LaRita shivering........
Leigh Ann (Ann's daughter), Gwynn and Emily

Keifer and Grandpa Doug discussing important things!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Bee Sting!!!

I have been told my entire life that I am allergic to bees. While we were at the lake celebrating Kirk's birthday, I suddenly felt a pinch as I leaned back in my chair. I quickly came forward and had Keifer check my back and sure enough, I had a bee stuck there. Ofcourse, Kirk and I began to panic because we were always told I was allergic. The real story is apparently when I was about 1 I got into a beehive. I was stung so many times that the doctors told my mom that they didn't know what would happen to me if I was stung again. So for 49 years I've avoided the dreaded bee sting until Saturday. We put ice on it immediately and checked for stinger-- No stinger. It hurt just a little and by later in the evening, swelling went down. The only side effect I had was I felt kinda bad. Not terrible, just not good.......and now we know I'm OK if I get stung by the dreaded bee! How wonderful!

Saguaro Lake for Kirk's birthday

Yesterday we went to Saguaro Lake with Kirk, Sue, Cody, Tiffany, Bob, Keifer, Justin and me. We found a great little place tucked away with a small beach and an area where you can drive the wave runners up, almost to the beach. It was fun to spread out and visit while we waited for a turn to ride. Kirk turned 49 on August 4th so this was first time we had to celebrate. Kirk still isn't completely recovered from valley fever and pnemonia. He looks normal but as I watched him carry things up and down the hill, it was almost too much for him. He turned white and appeared clammy. He has been taking it easy but it's amazing how much it's taken out of him and how long the ailment continues to hang on.
After all the gas ran out of the wave runners, we took our usual course to Kirk's favorite dinner-Serrano's. I think they want to close the doors and run when the see him coming. He can pack away more chips, salsa and bean dip than anyone I have ever seen!! We told them it was his birthday, so the waiter appeared with hat, camera and fried ice cream! He loved it and posed for the camera!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Natalie and Robert's Gifts

Sorry, I forgot to post the "opening presents" pictures! Natalie careful really a lovely card!

Opening a "special" gift. Nice wrapping!
Robert's turn. This gift was so original and cute. (The photographer is still waiting for her copy of the little messages!)
Yet another loved gift!
Natalie was surprised and happy with this one!
A little background by Natalie on this gift.
Natalie showing signs of exhaustion and Robert trying to figure out how he was going to get into this cage!!
The vast array of gifts!
And my favorite.....the Duffy bum-bum shot!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Canyon Lake

We went to Canyon Lake with Natalie's new sister in laws. Justin invited Janae and Deanne to go with Bob, Keifer, Cody and myself to the lake. We had a good time-we just had to cut everything short because Justin and Janae had to get to work. It's always great to get to the lake and cool off from this crazy hot weather!

Natalie and Robert's wedding

Natalie and Robert finally married in the Newportbeach Temple on July 25, 2008. Bob noted that Natalie smiled the entire ceremony and that he had never seen a bride smiled as much as she did.

Natalie and Robert outside the temple after their ceremony. They are quite a pair and truly love each other.
They look at each other deep into their eyes--it's something to see!
Natalie and her mom, Cindy with Robert waiting in the background.
Natalie's grandma Sigie begged Natalie for one final massage before the reception.
Keifer taking a little nap on the Duffy couch between the wedding and reception.

Keifer, Megan Peterson and Shaun. The picture is out of focus but Justin noticed how Keifer has two heads. If you look close you can see his head looking down at Megan. Shaun also has an extra hand. I thought I had more pictures of the reception, but I didn't. As you can see by their faces, everyone had a good time in a beautiful setting. It was a lovely evening.