Saturday, September 26, 2009

Little John comes for a visit

My home teacher came Sunday and asked if I knew John Dana. I said yes and then began telling me how he was having him fly out here for a job interview. He was considering bringing him in as a partner or something in his business. I told him I really hadn't seen him in many years and I would love to see him. The next thing I know, I got a phone call Monday morning from his secretary asking if they could bring John by about 4pm on Friday when they were done with the interviews. I told them how awesome that would be! And so we had a nice visit and it's seems something never change. He still the same old John! It was a nice gesture from my home teacher to make sure I got to see my cousin!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ward Davis' Birthday dinner

After dinner pose-Sig, Ward, Gwen, Bob and Keifer
Ofcourse, Sig out did herself and made a fabulous dinner of meat loaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese, homemade rolls-Ward's favorites!
Ward and Sigie with his homemade peach pie! Delicious!

Ward opening his birthday presents!
Kristin winning LeftRightCenter and collecting the macadamia nut chocolates-She wanted them!

Grandma Dixie's Birthday

A trip to Snowflake to celebrate Grandma Dixie's birthday.
Tiffany and Keifer with Grandma
Bob, Grandma and Kirk in her kitchen. They went up Friday

Grandma, Tiffany and Sue at Trappers
Grandma's birthday cake and Kirk's singing!

Grandma LaRita's birthday

A quick visit to Grandma LaRita for her birthday

In her beautiful garden!

Labor Day in San Diego

This year we spent Labor Day in San Diego with Chuck and Gail McClure. It was a nice relaxing trip. We left Thursday night and got there late. Gail has this affection for the kitchen and cooked nonstop. And I mean nonstop! From biscuits and gravy, hot philly sandwiches and on and on. It took me a week to recover! But relax we did! and ofcourse we watched the BYU/OK game! Wow what a game!