Sunday, July 11, 2010

2 Cool Guys!!

Who could resist these dudes!!!
Ward gettin' sassy with his goatee-wanted to look cool like Keifer!
no glasses, just goatees!

Happy Mothers Day to you!

Peek a boo! and Happy Mothers Day to you! Jordan peeks around Lisa's beautiful flowers.
Lisa peeking around the flowers. What a wonderful friend to make Mothers Day
dinner for me along with her mother. What a great friend!!
Sigie, Ward and Keifer on Mothers Day at Lisa's
Justin, Lisa and Jordan. What a cute picture!
Wonderful dinner and wonderful company! Lisa always makes it special!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Justin comes home

The Happy Birthday boy!
Sigie always holds Justin tight!

Justin opening a gift
Justin and his "other" grandparents, Ward and Sigie
Ryan, Justin's room mate from Provo and his fiance' Kelsey
Justin trying to act bored with Jordan looking on.
Keifer's head and Bob eating Mexican food with fruit punch

Dinner guests from Justin's head; Sigie, Ward, Craig and Lisa
The cute birthday boy giving us his words........Happy Birthday Justin!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fajitas Celebration

FAJITAS-A Sizzlin' Celebration

Susan, Carlie and Rita

The Celebration Gals-Cathy, Lynn, Carlie, Rita

pullin up the rear-Susan, Patricia, Gwen and Torri

The Moms got Carlie the silver bracelet on her arm.
Susan watching Carlie read her card.

Carlie's birthday cupcake and Rita being a little sexy!

Carlie blowing out her candle and Rita taking a stretch!

Lynn, Cathy and Patricia

The gals posing! The work buddies-Cathy, Lynn, Carlie, Rita
and the back row girls-Susan, Patricia, Gwen and Torri

My Birthday!

We pulled out the jet skiing and went for a birthday trip
around the lake

The covers came off and .......

Keifer and Jordan waiting to bring in the jet ski Jordan waiting on the dock

We came home and everyone made me a steak, shrimp, baked potatoe dinner. It was delicious!