Sunday, June 14, 2009


Bullock Heads!

Lauren and Trevor's good friends!

Nikki's pretend graduation pictures

Mr. Jordan!

Lauren's little buddy-Gilani

Lauren Graduates!

Graduation girl!!
Lauren's graduation-accepting her diploma

Yep, she got it!

The happy couple-one down, one to go!

Good friends!

Looking at something else!

The happy parents with the happy graduate!

Trevor's siblings-Josh, Kendilyn, Michelle, Natalie, Nikki and Trevor

Lauren and Trevor's home teacher brought the duck!

Bob, Lauren and Trevor

Lauren and her friend Emma

proof Justin was at the graduation. He had to leave to go to work
so he wasn't in the pictures after.

their favorite babies!

The fabulous Nick and Tera, Lauren and Trevor all from Mesa and met at BYUH! You betcha!
The graduation girls-Lauren and Trevor's sister, Michelle

Nikki and boyfriend, David from Columbia...awesome guy!

smoochie, smoochie!

The special graduation shoes!

All the graduation leis!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hawaii hear they come!

June 3rd, Justin and Bob took off for Hawaii to attend Lauren's graduation on Sat, June 6th. I stayed behind with Keifer and we were supposed to leave the next day. Keifer had not been feeling well since he, Justin and Bob had golfed on Saturday for his birthday. While I was running some errands, Keifer went to get checked out and found out he had broken his ribs and torn some muscles loose golfing!! Yep, golfing! He knew he had been in pain and now he knew why!! Now no trip to Hawaii. I stayed with him until Friday trying to help him get comfortable. He says he hurts all the time and it's hard to get comfortable. He hurts whether he sits, stands or lays down and it supposed to be this way for 6-8 weeks.

Truman Madsen's Funeral

June 1st we flew to UT to attend Truman's funeral. Bob grew up with the Madsen's near by and had a special place in his heart for him. Truman's wife, Ann took a special liking to Bob once he got his mission call to Samoa. Her father had served there. Bob grew up with their kids either in the same ward or the ward next.
The funeral was incredible to say the least. It was held in the Provo Tabernacle with Elders Henry B. Eyring, Jeffery R Holland, Richard G Scott, Dallin H Oaks and Russell M Nelson. There were several area seventy there. All the apostles talked as well as Steve Young and his 3 children. He had 2 daughters and 1 son. Both daughters got up and said the same thing. They said their father believed that everyone should have someone that loves them irrationally. Both daughters believed he was that for them. Their son said that he took a class from his dad and he told him "you better get an A in my class or I'm going to flunk you!" Steve Young talked about Truman helping him with his testimony and teaching him about the Saviour over in Israel. Each apostle had something personal to say and then Elder Eyring read a letter from the first presidency for the family.
My personal memory of Truman was not long ago in Provo. We were visiting and Bob and brother ran into Truman in the foyer. Truman said he was teaching gospel doctrine and invited us to come (he's in the next ward). Ofcourse his class was awesome, interesting and funny. But what got me was just before class started I was asked to say the opening prayer. I told the person that I was a visitor and he said you can still do it. So I did and I was very intimidated. Truman was very kind.
It was stated at his funeral that know one that has ever lived has done more to teach about Joseph Smith. I echo what was said, "one of the true great ones it gone".