Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jordan comes to live with us!

Jordan came to visit on her way to Italy to teach English. While she was here and through a series of events, she decided the best thing to do was to come back to Arizona, work for the summer and save money to go on to graduate school. She was accepted last year to a graduate school in DC but didn't feel good about it. She has applied to some schools in Scotland and England. AZ isn't the best place to be in the summer-as far as I'm concerned-but she said she loves the warmth. She got a better job than she had in MA and things seemed to be moving along nicely for her.

Trevor gets released

A couple of weeks ago, Lauren and Trevor had Stake Conference and he was released from serving on the High Council. Lauren tells me as the session is beginning, the visiting general authority was looking over in their direction, saying something to the Stake President. Lauren said they began to be a little nervous. Trevor starting looking through his scriptures. It could very easily be a possibility that they would call someone they had just released to bear their testimony....right??! The meeting proceeds and they call LAUREN to the stand to bear her testimony!! Holy cow!! she was shocked but she gave an awesome testimony relating things they've learned as Hale parents!! Goes to show, you never know!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain!!

Probably can't tell but that is hail plopping in the pool!
We have had so much rain that our yard is soooo green!This picture is for Lauren and Justin--the grass is so high that Dad mowed on
high and it is still so high! Green, green grass. Love it!

New Easter Wreath

I haven't been happy with my Easter wreath for a long time. I finally found one I like and then added some touches. I love it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jordan comes to visit

Jordan came to visit after more than 10 years!
So we celebrated with turkey dinner and all the fixin'-even giant rolls
that Keifer is displaying
Keifer and Jordan cleanin' up! Thanks for the help!


the mantle
My friend Karen sent the tulips! Very pretty

Dorius gets transferred

February 8th-Dorius transferred!! Not liking this!

Deer Valley

Rob and Bridget invited us to Deer Valley, UT for a ski weekend February 4th
along with some of our friends.
I skied for the first time in 30 years!!

This is us as we were leaving in front of the house

These are our newest friends-Greg and Rebecca Garn
These kooks laying in the snow-Steve, Rob and Greg then running.... to the hot tub! Kristy and Steve, Rob and Bridget, Greg and Rebecca
with Kev looking on
A special treat! Kevin and Suzi posing up in the sauna! Hello Betty!
We had a special little visitor-Joelle Beck and Uncle Bob. Nice eyes!
sweet little sleep

Sigie has a Birthday!

We celebrated Sigie's birthday January 24th. Ward made steaks with all the trimmings. Her good friend, MaryBeth made her favorite coconut cake. It was good!
Sigie made a beautiful birthday speech Lisa, Kristen, Clint, Janae, MaryBeth, James, Bob, Keifer and I celebrated!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOUANN goes to the TEMPLE

Our ward's NEWEST member went to the TEMPLE for the first time January 22, 2010
Bob, Louann and Gwen
Sister Dorius, Louann, Sister Brox

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Years Eve-- Part 2

After Temple Square we went to Grandma LaRita's house. Bob and Grandma modeling the outfit Justin picked out Grandma thought Lauren and Trevor were coming to Utah
so she bought Trevor his favorite cheese!
On New Years Eve, we loaded everyone back onto their planes to Hawaii and flew to Salt Lake City. We met Karen and her family at Temple Square. The lights were beautiful and almost like a fantasy land. Can't have the holidays without the lights at Temple Square.
Lara in front of a beautiful golden tree.
The temple and a gorgeous orange tree
Jordan, Karen and Lara
Lara, me and Jordan in front of the temple
Dane, Eden and Matt
Dane, Matt, Uncle Bob and Eden

Nikki marries David!

December 29th, Nikki Bullock, Trevor's sister got married!!
Justin, Nikki and David....Justin looses his Nikki crush
but David is a really great guy!
Nikki picked Bob's birthday and he wouldn't let us forget it!
It's hard to see but Kendilyn is singing with the brothers, Trevor and Josh
and brotherinlaw Jason as back up singer.

Sister F gets transferred!

We made it through our first transfer. Sister F got transferred Dec 28th and we were not happy. We honored the decision but hated to see her go
Sister Dorius, Evans and Fobruana

Central Ward Reunion party Dec 26th

Alisyn Owen and I somehow thought it would be a great idea to have a party the day after Christmas!!! It was fun to see everyone from the old Central Ward.
Nick still playing with the camera-Keith being the wingman!
Keifer, Jamon and Trevor still finding something to laugh about
Many gathered in the kitchen-Donna Kenney, Steve Owen, Nick Udall,
Michael Tejada, Kristen and Jamon Smith, and Alisyn's profile.
Same crowd but we can see Lauren and Megan Tejada
Justin and cousin Tiffany
Bob, Justin and Melinda King, Toni and Hugh Chase
Sylvia Tejada and Trevor talking in the background, Hugh and Megan
Kristen and Jamon, Keith and Alisyn enjoying a marshmellowNick and his favorite girls to harass, Lucinda and Lauren
Lauren and Lucinda and Nate Foster
Hugh, Michael and Megan Tejada
Alisyn tending the fire. We had smores and hot chocolate
Kristen, Seth and Jamon
Great fun-thanks Steve and Alisyn for all your help!

Christmas Day dinner

Christmas day started later with dinner. Lauren and Trevor had to go to the Bullocks in the morning so we had dinner in the afternoon. We had the traditional mexican food meal which everyone loves.
Grandma Dixie flew in that afternoon. Grandma Dixie, Justin , Tiffany, Bob and Tyren
Sue, Jimmy and Tyren. Jimmy and Tyren just got engaged a few hours earlier!

Lauren, Trevor, Keifer, Grandma and Justin. Justin wearing his festive nightshirt Grandma gave him when he was 10!
Kirk and Cody were missing this year.