Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Justin's Court of Honor

The Eagles taking their oath.
Reece and Mark Scurr, me and Bob and Justin, Jared, Jean and Thane Smith

The Eagles: Jake Collins, Ben Kilpack, Reece Scurr, Justin Evans and Jared Smith

Sunday was Justin's eagle court of honor. We had dinner before; the family favorite of bean burritos and enchilada sauce. Lisa brought spanish rice. Lisa, Craig, Ward, Sigie, Josh and Meredith Duffy, Janae Newell, Kirk, Sue, Tiffany, Cody, Branson and Tiffany Pease, Jamon and Kirsten and baby Smith, Bob, Keifer, Justin and I all squeezed in the dining room together. After the feast, we went to church for the ceremony. Justin along with Jake Collins, Ben Kilpack, Reece Scurr and Jared Smith shared the spot light. It was a nice ceremony followed by Brownie trifle galore! It was a great night......I'll post the pictures soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

San Diego Weekend

We went to San Diego this weekend for some rest and relaxation. Kirk and Bob drove over and I flew in on Friday. We wanted to take Kirk because he is still recovering from Valley fever. He is still a bit weak but he's coming along. We had a great time on Saturday at Phil and Mindy Wing's watching the BYU game! Once again a shut out! Some fellas from the ward came over and made it just a great event. It was almost better than being at the game! Phil had just installed DirectTV so it was the inagural showing and Phil was in Provo at an alumni meeting and was at the game. We had fun without him! After the game, Mindy got a wild hair and decided we needed to go buy new couches. Her and I hopped in the truck and bought a loveseat and cound for their family room and it looks great. Everyone was a little nervous about what Phil would say, but she told me he liked them.

We went to church and saw all the friends we've made over the 20 years we've been going to Pacific Beach. Sunday school was again taught by Brother Wallace (who married Mike and Adrienne is Jan!)(he was a seventy and I think he also served as temple president for the San Diego temple) and once again what a great teacher. We were talking about Samuel the Lamanite and he said something that has stuck with me. He said "inspiration" is an idea that comes into your mind but when you receive "revelation" the words will come to you. All the words or the sentence will come into your mind. It struck me because Lauren and I had just been talking about an experience I had in the temple where the words I was to speak came to my mind and to this day I remember them exactly. WOW!! It's amazing how we learn-line upon line!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saguaro Lake pictures

(I forgot to post these pictures) off for a wild ride! Keifer and Megan on the left and Josh and Meredith on the right!
Meredith and Keifer--she wanted the crazy driver!
Megan getting brave and showing off that she is still alive!

What a Sunday!!

Yeah!! It's over! Bob and I had to talk in church today and then I had to teach Relief Society! Glad we made it through but I had such a headache. My talk was on Elder Christofferson's talk "Born Again". I used his quote from John 3:3-5 and talked about how many of us are born of the water in our baptism but are not always born of the spirit. I talked about leaving BYU my sophmore year to come home and figure out if I believed in this church. I called my grandparents and asked if I could come live with them. I told no one what I was doing, but felt I needed time to study the gospel and find out if it was true. Before I left, my roommate, Suzi Stone and I were invited to go to conference with her parents Ronald and Patricia Stone (Elder Christofferson's mission president he mentions in the talk). Her dad told us where to park in the church office building and as the elevators opened in the parking garage, President and Sister Kimball were standing there. They invited us in--saying "come on in, girls". We got in the elevator and rode up the 25th floor of the church office building. There the general authorities and their family were eating lunch in a beautiful setting. I still can see it in my mind. I remember thinking how normal it all was. But I also remember feeling that I didn't know like they knew and I needed to know. The spirit was strong and I felt good but I knew I needed to stand on my own feet and bear testimony as they did. I went home and found my testimony and the rest is history!
My lesson in RS was on Revelation. It was fun. I was covering for a friend that went out of town. I wouldn't recommend doing both in 1 day but I lived through it!

Bob and Josh in Heaven!!

BYU 59 UCLA 00!!
Yesterday, Bob and Josh Duffy plopped themselves on the couch and were in heaven as BYU trounced UCLA! 59-0!! Biggest loss for UCLA in 75 years! Of course they were blissful in fact they decided to carry on to another game! Their rears didn't leave the couch much for 8 hours!Meredith and I laid out by the pool and had the speakers on in the back. Awesome game!!
Keifer, Justin and Miles were at the Dew Tour in Salt Lake....they said it was awesome!
I'm looking for pictures of the BYU UCLA and look what I run across......a picture of cousin Matt Allen (Trevor's cousin) #10 from last years BYU team after the big Copper Bowl game!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Grandma Dixie's Birthday

Kirk and I went to Snowflake on Wed, Sep 10th to help celebrate Grandma Dixie's birthday. We went to Trappers, a world famous cafe specializing in homemade pie......Kirk had cherry, Grandma had coconut and I had german chocolate. It was good. On Thursday morning we went to the Snowflake Temple. It was my first time to attend that temple. The temple is beautiful and reminds me of the Newport Beach temple. Lots of dark wood accents and the ceilings are low in some areas giving it a homey feel.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Justin's get his wisdom teeth out!

Friday, Justin went in for oral surgery to have his wisdom teeth pulled and another tooth removed. Br. Brenchley (a retired dentist) told him he wanted him to take 5000 mg of vitamin C before the surgery and then drink pineapple juice after to prevent swelling. Just as the dr. ordered Justin followed his counsel and he had not a problem in the world. He never even took a nap or had down time following the surgery. The bishop and his wife came by later Friday evening and couldn't believe how good he looked. The bishop even called him a "faker" and made him open his mouth to show him the "holes"!!

Josh, Meredith and Meagan at the lake

more to come with picture