Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dinner at the Ambassador

As if we hadn't eaten enough during Thanksgiving week-Lauren's birthday celebration on Monday, Thanksgiving Thursday, and Trevor's birthday celebration on Friday. So Saturday, Justin gave us free dinner passes to the Ambassador restaurant at the

Polynesian Cultural Center. The Ambassador is the nicest restaurant there and it's all you can eat shrimp, crab legs, prime rib, salad, veggies, anything. Justin earned the passes and wanted us to use them. Bob, Trevor and I along with Nick (Lauren stayed with Tara and let Nick take her place) took advantage of Justin's generosity.

Us at the restaurant-Trevor, Nick, me and Bob. (notice Justin ) All of us, Trevor, Nick, Justin's friend Emily, Justin, me and Bob

We had our Chinese waitress sneak over and take a picture
of Justin and his friend, Emily much to his dismay.

Justin and Emily

Trevor's birthday

Trevor's birthday started out with a shopping trip to buy a Christmas tree.
Lauren convinced us to stop and get this treat sold out of a truck and I can't remember the name. They are so sticking good and cheap!
Nice profiles! Father, daughter!
Couldn't resist. Trevor didn't know I was taking this picture from the backseat.
I thought it was cool!
Trevor's birthday was Friday after Thanksgiving. Almost all who attended Thanksgiving were in attendance for Trevor's birthday celebration. Above he is opening presents
Trevor cutting into the birthday pie with Lauren's assistance-a hug for moral support!
Trevor: Happy and full
BFF's plopped on the couch, trying to recover from all the yummy food! Lauren and Tara. One of Tara first meals after months of morning sickness. We were so happy she is so much better!

Thanksgiving at Lauren and Trevor's

Thanksgiving this year was at Lauren and Trevor's home in Hale 2. They had tables set up threw the dining room and family room. About 15 people were there and we had about everything you could imagine. 2 turkeys, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoe puff, creamed peas, fruit salad, cranberry salad, homemade cranberry sauce, and even more for dessert-pies, pies, pies!!
Justin and Michelle (Trevor's sister)
Bob, Trevor, Lauren, and Tara
Kendilyn (Trevor's sister) so beautifully posing!
and finally Nick Holliday and Jason (Michelle's husband).