Monday, February 23, 2009

The Iris' are blooming!

The Iris' are blooming in the front yard! A good friend of mine, Jean Baker, moved around a lot. She told me that each time she moved take some of the bulbs from her old house to plant at her new house. So these iris' are from our house on Edgemont. They were planted by the original owners of the house. They would bloom each year right under our large picture window in the living room.

When we decided to move over to Mesa, I dug up a few and re-planted them in our front planter and they have gone crazy. We now moved some to the back by the pool but they aren't doing as well.

This is a double-headed iris.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine Dinner

On Tuesday, I had Temple Day. In the morning, Leann Klepinger and I went to the temple. We had planned to do so for some time. We hadn't spent time to together for so long! We had such a good time and we capped off the temple with lunch at Sweet Cakes on Main just down the street from the temple. Then later on in the afternoon, I met up with Lisa and her friend Rhonda, and Ward and Sigie for a 4:00 session. On Monday, Meredith asked me if I wanted to go to the temple with her on Tuesday and I said, "guess what! Everyone's going Tuesday! come join us!" So there we were, all in a row! Lisa, Rhonda, Meredith, me and Sigie. What a great sight. After we finished at the temple, Mer had to run to YW and the rest of us came home for chili and cornbread, salad and Sigie's dump cake.

Keifer, Sigie, Ward, Bob, Lisa, Rhonda and me had our valentine feast!
Ward and Sigie after the temple

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tejadas are going on a Mission!

This couple has quite a story of immigrating to the US from South America. They worked hard and raised a wonderful family. They were in our ward in Phoenix and we were always inspired by their dedication to family and church. They sent 4 of their 6 children on missions and now it's their turn. The parents are now headed off to Veracuz Temple to serve their mission!
Michael, Pat, Sylvia, Ruth, Jamie's daughter, Donna Kenney playing the piano and oldest son Jamie. (Alexandra couldn't be there)

Devin comes home from Tennessee!

Devin came home from his mission on January 29th! He served in Knoxville, Tennessee mission and did great. He grew so much; it is a testimony of how the Lord can do anything.
Devin's "hottie" little sisters that we haven't seen in so long. Myreel and Jocelyn! They've grown up to be such cuties!

Sigie's Birthday Party

On January 17th, we had a birthday celebration for Sigie at Lisa's house. To Sigie's surprise, Cindy, Mike and Adrianne came from California to celebrate. Lisa made over a 100 tacos! Bob, Keifer and I were there along with some of Sigie's close friends.
Sigie opening her giftss
Cindy, Sigie and Adrianne

We surprised Sigie with a new 7ft pre-lit Christmas tree! She told me that's what she wanted!! It was a fun surprise!