Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jet skiing with Kirk's family

Kirk, Sue, Cody, Tiffany, Bob, Gwen, Justin and Keifer all went to Saguaro lake for some fun.
Justin and Tiffany docking in.

Everyone coming in.................Cody and Keifer, Tiffany and time with cousins!

Went visit Aunt Jeannine and Uncle Del

Delynn invited me to go along on visit to her mother's home (Aunt Jeannine) in Eastern AZ in a little town called Central (close to Thatcher and Safford, AZ). The trip was to celebrate her mom's birthday. We made a quick little visit complete with Delynn's daughter Kelly and her 3 daughters, Sage, Faith and Jane. Tyler's wife Stephanie also came with us and she was quietly showing us how to bead.

Aunt Jeannine with Sage and Faith. (sorry about the quality)

Delynn's daughter Kelly and the latest girl added to the Millet bunch, Jane.

Faith and Sage digging into Aunt Jeannine's birthday cake.
Delynn and her brother, Glen. Glen is handicapp and works at a thrift store smashing cans. He is very happy there and was happy to see us. He is 46 years old and wasn't supposed to live to adulthood. He has a special spirit and he recognized us. We had a nice visit. Every time I see Glen, and it's not as much as I used to, he grabs my right hand and kisses it and says, "I like you, Gwen." Nice visit--I'm glad we went.
Delynn's father and my uncle Del, who will be turning 90 in November, eating popsicles on the back porch with Faith and Sage.

We had an un-scheduled stop at the Peralta trail home site. It seemed Miss Faith had some things in her tummy that no longer wanted to be there!! Yep! All over the back. We saw this neighborhood and saw the running water(to the left) and found that it was sent from heaven for us to wash the blankets and Faith's clothes out. Kelly (still wringing out clothing), Faith, Grandma Delynn and Stephanie.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On the way to the swap meet.........

I just held the camera to the back and wa-la...look what I captured in the back seat! Keeping themselves entertained....Trevor with a phone and Lauren with a camera.........
And Justin messing with his camera....not bad pictures for holding the camera over my shoulder!

Look who we found in Hawaii! And what we found...

These beautiful people are Art and Peggy Hannamen. Art is Trevor's sister's bishop. We went with Jason and Michelle (Trevor's sister and brother in law)and Lauren and Trevor to a ward BBQ and look who we came upon. Bob and Art both served their missions in Samoa. Art served just prior to Bob but they know many common missionaries and they enjoy hashing over the mission.
We posed together so Ward and Sigie could see how beautiful the Hannamens still are. (my hair is a bit wilted--but what do you do?) No matter how many times we go to Hawaii or when, we always seem to run into them. I love them! Who's darker? Bob or Art.....!
This boat is called the Iosepa and is a traditional style canoe just built at the PCC. The boat set sail not long ago on it's maiden voyage. A new canoe hut was built so the PCC visitors could observe the process of building such a craft and it was designed as a new attraction at the PCC. Any other info on the Iosepa can be found at


No trip to Hawaii is complete without a stop to the famous shave ice of Matsimotos.This picture was taken a couple of years ago with my brother, Kirk and his wife Sue and ofcourse, Bob! The sign is still the same today.
This is Bob sipping his shave ice (notice the sunglasses..?? He found them on the counter at home and we get to Hawaii, Lauren says, "Hey, where did you get my glasses? We've been looking everywhere for those things!" "on the counter, Sis")

...more Hawaii

One of the best traditions of visiting the north shore is a stop at the famous Ted's Bakery. They have the best pies, cakes and danishes. The chocolate haupia is unbelieveable in the pie category and Lauren's favorite cake is the coconut. The cake is easily 6'' tall and so fluffy! The haupia danishs were also yummmmy! No trip is complete without a few stops in Sunset Beach for a fill up!
The sign on the beach is Hukilau. I remember the first time I was there in April of 1980 we had our first ward party there. I remembered that I couldn't believe there was really a Hukilau beach, let alone in the same town I was living. We like going there still, it's a great beach!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Today from Hawaii!

We got home from our Hawaii visit early Tuesday morning. Keifer was there at 6:00am to swoop Bob off to work by 7:00am. It was our yearly or bi-yearly or tri-yearly visit to see Lauren and Trevor.Bob and Justin changing 3 flat tires on their bikes. Justin had left his bike for Lauren and Trevor so they would have 2 but the flats put both bikes out of commission.
With no car now, (they were given 2-returned one to the owner and the other was towed away in the vastness)Bob was concerned about getting their transporation back in order. He's going to send tube liners so they won't have to worry about flats!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July in Honolulu!

Our flight arrived in Honolulu at 7:00pm and it was just about time for the fireworks. We decided to go to Spaghetti Factory and try and watch the fireworks from their windows that over look the harbor.

The window is done!

It is back good as new!!

Lake Powell

On June 26th, we were invited the spend time at Lake Powell with our friends, the McClures. Bob, Justin and I took along the jet skiis. We had a great time and thank the McClures for their wonderful hospitality. The picture is of Gail and Gwen in their matching bathing suits riding the jet skiis with backdrop of Lake Powell behind.Justin taking it easy waiting a spot to park.
the McClures' ski boat. We haulded all the bags and food to the house boat this way.
Gail going down the slide on the back of the boat!
Chuck and Gail in the kitchen. Gail finds her joy in the kitchen! She arises at the crack of dawn to begin cooking fantastic breakfasts, then on to yummy lunches and delicious dinners. She is something else!
Justin in the background with John McClure after they jumped a 15 foot wave and John messed up his eye brow, nose and chin but he said he loved it!
Bob with the babies on the boat!
The house boat that the McClures are part owners of. The jet skiis tied up on the right side of the pictures.