Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fajitas Celebration

FAJITAS-A Sizzlin' Celebration

Susan, Carlie and Rita

The Celebration Gals-Cathy, Lynn, Carlie, Rita

pullin up the rear-Susan, Patricia, Gwen and Torri

The Moms got Carlie the silver bracelet on her arm.
Susan watching Carlie read her card.

Carlie's birthday cupcake and Rita being a little sexy!

Carlie blowing out her candle and Rita taking a stretch!

Lynn, Cathy and Patricia

The gals posing! The work buddies-Cathy, Lynn, Carlie, Rita
and the back row girls-Susan, Patricia, Gwen and Torri

My Birthday!

We pulled out the jet skiing and went for a birthday trip
around the lake

The covers came off and .......

Keifer and Jordan waiting to bring in the jet ski Jordan waiting on the dock

We came home and everyone made me a steak, shrimp, baked potatoe dinner. It was delicious!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trevor gets a new calling

Trevor didn't get to rest long. He wasn't released for any great length of time before his new adventure came to light!! He was called to serve as a counselor in the bishopric. Now this is extra special for him because his good buddy, partner is various crimes and all around good friend is the other counselor. His buddy, Nick Holliday is the other counselor. I don't think life could be any better for these two. The couples met in Hawaii and what do you know!!-they are both from Mesa! This is a match truly made in heaven! Nick and Trevor, Lauren and Tara-such awesome friends and now they will serve together. These are the things that make life so sweet!
Trevor and Nick, playing in the sand and burying their friend.
Counselors at work!

Easter and Conference in Utah

Look what we saw out our window Easter morning!

Bob finally has a partner to share his obsession with!
Cousins! Rachel, Morgan, Miles, Emily and Megan
Bigs (David) and Bucky (Bob)
Easter dinner after Conference. Dave (Liz's husband), Morgan and Scooter (Emily).
in the background, David and Miles
Bob and the ladies-LaRita, Gwynn, Caroline and Liz
Dave and Gwynn's goofy car with Scooter in the back!

Neighborhood Breakfast before Conference

April 3rd, Grandma LaRita's neighbors had a pre-conference breakfast. As you can see by the attire, it had snowed. The old timers from the neighborhood: Beulah and Marian Blaser,
LaRita, Bob and David Evans
One of my YW from years ago lives a couple of doors down from Grandma. I wasn't too excited to freeze my can off for some pancakes so Courtney decided to come fetch me! I just piled on the clothes and out the door we went! She is still such a cutie!

Bob Hits Deer Valley with Dave

Of course Bob can't resist a day of skiing. His brother, David flew in Friday morning and they concocted a way to meet on the slopes. The snow was fresh on the 2nd of April. Bob threw together what he could find at his mom's house and David brought the missing items from Sacramento. They got a free pass and split the price on the other one! They had a great day!!