Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More signs---ours gone again!

Monday night Bob and I went out replacing peoples Prop 102 signs. We put a minimum of 2 signs per yard. I got some emails today letting me know I missed a couple of houses so Keifer and I went out tonight. We placed some new ones and found signs were stolen again!! When we pulled in, we found our yard was once again empty!! Keifer placed a couple in some new strategic places......let's see if they can last a week!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Calling--s!!

Welp, it's official! 2 new callings. I was once again called to be YW ward camp director (3 times for the ward and 1 for stake camp director)! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but maybe this time I'll get it right! After the counselor in the bishopric finished with that, he said he had another calling for me. Ward Music Chairman. what??huh??me??are you kidding?! apparently not....this one is way out of my comfort zone.....wow! So off I go trying to line up the fabulous musical numbers for the Ridge Ward. Oddly enough my mind has had many thoughts of what needs to be done. I will rely on inspiration to get this accomplished; I've already had feelings to change some things around. Crazy--if anyone knows of any rockin' numbers (spiritual of course), let me know!!

Halloween Dinner

Tonight we had a pre-Halloween dinner with Josh and Mer, Keifer, Bob and I. Bob is a little under the weather but managed to socialize and eat. Mer made chicken enchilada, I made tostadas and Keifer made his famous sauce. Good dinner for all. For dessert we had brownie delights-a brownie muffin topped with ice cream and hot fudge, carmel, banana, almonds, whatever you like! Yum yum!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The signs are gone!

Last night, when we returned from Cody's football game-we noticed the "Yes for Prop 102" signs were missing from our yard and a huge banner we had hanging on the wall on Gilbert road had been pulled down and damaged. We thought we were the only ones who had been hit, but this morning we started receiving phone calls from people in the ward telling us their signs were stolen too! It's unbelieveable to me that some "Liberal" would waste their time to take all those signs down....they took every sign in our ward! I've ordered more and we'll keep putting them up and they can keep stealing them! I don't think they know who they are messing with!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cody's Football days

Tiffany, Sue, Cody, Tyren and Kirk
Last night we joined Kirk and his family at Cody's football game. His team in Corona del Sol. They were playing Chandler and it was a big game. They won and now their record is 7-0. Last week Cody made 2 touchdowns!! He's doing well. He hasn't played since his freshman year and he's now a senior. He's had to prove he's willing to do what is takes and so far he's doing it!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Mantle

oK!! I'm a little nuts but I really like how my mantle came out this Halloween!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Prop 102 RS Lesson

Yesterday I was asked to give a lesson in Relief Society on Prop 102, the AZ Marriage amendment. Everyone said it went well and I don't mention it for that reason. I mention it because I studied and studied and Sunday morning I had no idea what I was going to say. I said a prayer Sunday morning and then came home Sunday during Sunday school to get myself together and still my mind was blank. The only thing that came to my mind was "when ye are prepared ye shall not fear." I stepped up to podium and began speaking still not knowing what I was going to say. I made a comment about the proclamation and the ball began to roll. There were so many comments and it flowed. We had so much more we could have talked about-we could have gone on another hour. I was grateful my pray was answered, I just needed faith!

Keifer and Ben back together on jet skiis!

Friday night we went to the lake with Ben and Keifer, Bob and I. This might be the last trip of the season; we are actually cooling off here. It was great fun to have them together again since Ben's mission to Hungary. The water was beautiful; smooth as glass!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saturday night with Rich and Lisa

Saturday night after priesthood meeting, we met up with Rich and Lisa Davis, our favorite 2nd cousins! (but we love them like we were 1st cousins!!) Our paths have crossed many times, starting with my early days at BYU where I met Rich and his sister Diane. My Grandma Dana would talk of how she loved their mother, Barbara Jean. She would always tell me that she and her sister Maude (Rich and Diane's grandma) wanted us to meet; that they knew we would be wonderful friends. We did meet and became great friends. For some reason in the later part of my BYU career my path began to cross more with Rich than Diane. Rich and I even ended up in the same ward the year before we both got married. Rich married Lisa in August of 1982 and I married Bob in November of 1982. Then as the children began coming, Lauren came first in November and Kirsty in January and the pattern continued with Keifer and Barbie and Justin and Michelle. I think we calculated that the 3 kids are all born within 6 weeks apart. When Lisa would find out she was pregnant, she would call me and ask if I was! We lived in the same town for the 1st part of our marriages and got together often and the kids grew to love their "cousins".
Although Rich and Lisa moved away, we still keep contact and try to get together whenever we can....................enough of the background....last night as we were visiting, laughing and picking up where we left off, (as if we had not been apart) we were catching up on the kids and jobs and everything. We talked about family and our great ancestry that had brought us together. Rich, who has been an avid genealogist following his mission, began telling us another story that had happened many years ago as he felt prompted to work on more genealogy. He said they were preparing to move from Mesa to Italy. They had about 3 weeks to get everything ready and he had a prompting to work on genealogy on the Macdonald line. He followed the prompting and called a few relatives to see if he could gather more research on a line where he had come to a stand still. He was referred to a relative named Lyal Millet who also shared his love of family history. Rich called the man and they conversed and then agreed to meet at the genealogy library across from the Mesa temple on Friday night where he would give Rich some information he had gathered. They had talked about their frustration in this particular spot and how to their best efforts the pieces weren't coming together. They met at the genealogy library, had a pleasant meeting where Lyal Millet shared with Rich his recent heartache due to the passing of his wife and they talked about the research they shared. Lyal gave Rich a box of information that he had been gathering for some time in hopes Rich would have more luck in putting the pieces together than he had been having. Their meeting ended and they both went on their way. The following Monday, as Rich and Lisa were exiting the temple some one posted a eulogy of Lyal Millet (who was a temple worker) at the exit door of the temple. He died a couple of days after his meeting with Rich.
This story has deeply touched me. It reminds me of stories from the Book of Mormon where the records were passed from one to another. It reconfirms to me that the heavens are open and this work is real. I'm grateful that Rich is so dedicated to genealogy and finds such love and passion for it. What a blessing he is to our family and I'm so grateful my Grandma wanted me to meet him! We love him and Lisa and the kids and grand kids and look forward to many fun memories with them!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference weekend in Utah

Here we are once again in Utah for conference weekend. Yesterday it was raining all day long; not a heavy rain just a drizzle but it lasted all day long. I thought the first session was awesome!! It rocked, the talks were just fantastic. Bob, Justin and Miles went off to priesthood session at 6. After priesthood, we met up with Rich and Lisa Davis. It was great to see them. We had a great time (as always). Once again, JR Price came up and Rich told me that his uncle Bob Driggs was named after JR Price. Maybe I knew this but I didn't remember.....I can't believe it..another story and connection. Rich didn't know why he was named after him but we do know that JR and Rich's grandpa, Golden Driggs were friends.....I'm going to find out the story and get back...............crazy