Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Branson

Branson and his wife, Tiffany came over for Sunday dinner. We celebrated Branson's 24th birthday and the pending birth of their child in just 4 short weeks! Keifer and Branson just picked up right where they left off not missing a beat and getting Tiffany caught up on lots of their pranks and good times growing up! It was great to have them over!

Game Night at Auntie Lisa and Uncle Craig

After Auntie made an incredible dinner of steak, baked potatoes, mushroom gravy and asparagus we played a rousing game of "Apples to Apples"

Josh, Kevin, Sigie, Tiffany and Shaun

Meredith and Christine at the end of the table. Bob, Josh, Kevin (Shaun's friend)
Sigie doo and Tiffany's red locks!
Meredith, Christine and Bob
Christine and Uncle Craig
Bob, Josh and Kevin
Wonderful evening of fun and food! Grandma Sigie topped off the evening with everyone's favorite-"Scrumpets" as Keifer named them. Cream puffs with vanilla filling and chocolate topping.
Yum, yum, yum!
The posers at the end of the night
Christine, Kevin, Tiffany and Shaun

Happy 50 Kirk!

Kirk's 50th birthday party. We got him some glasses
big enough for him to read the small print!
Blowing out the candles!
Kirk wanted to play this dice game. He wanted to win the money but Keifer won
not once, or twice but all three games!
Jimmy's mom, Tyren and Jimmy (Tyren's boyfriend)
Keifer, Jimmy and Cody
Kirk's family-Kirk and Sue, Tiffany, Cody and Tyren
No can believe it!! Keifer wins it all! Keifer, Jimmy, Bob, Cody and Tiffany

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pre-Camp camp in Payson

My good friend Gail called and said, "let's go up to Payson to my sister's cabin and work on camp stuff." Why not!! Gail wanted to me to help her make about 230 bags of vanilla popcorn for the girls camp hike lunch.

Gail's sister, Carol made bags for her girls for Christmas. It was Carol's cabin-so much fun!

Gail stopping for a food break! See all the bags (to the left) the sisters
Julie, Gail's other sis! That was her post for the week-end!
The sisters talkin' important stuff in the kitchen!
Fabulous kitchen for making over 200 bags of popcorn!
When we had enough creating, we went downstairs to the theater room.
We had so much fun and her sisters were wonderful. What fun!

4th of July Sunday dinner at LaRita's

Emily, Morgan, Megan
Brett and Emily

Grandma LaRita and Keifer
Emily, Justin and Miles

Bob, David and Gwynn

The family tradition is Sunday dinner. The kids love it. Everyone gets together and has the final visit before we all take off for home. Dessert and games follow dinner!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jimmy comes home for Sunday dinner!

Jimmy came back for Sunday dinner. We met Jimmy when he was 17 and Keifer 14. He was investigating the church. Bob was Ward mission leader but it was Keifer who saw a need. Keifer came to us and asked if Jimmy could come to dinner because he didn't have any members in his family. Keifer asked that he come not once but every week. Jimmy came every week for 2 years and then went on a mission to Japan. He came home finished his education and fell on some unfortunate personal issues. But he's back and he and Keifer picked up where they left off. Just like the old times. Jimmy has been back twice and we plan to have him back many more times! Last Sunday he even asked Bob for another Father's blessing. It's nice to have him back!

I have wanted to make this cake for years and I finally did!