Sunday, May 24, 2009

We Met Some Big Loosers!

We're here with the "Laughing Samoans". They have a comedy routine. They are from Hawaii and our friends asked us to help.
At the "Laughing Samoans" show look who we run into from the "Biggest Looser"!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Josh Duffy graduates from ASU Law

Josh graduated on Friday from Law school. Party at Auntie Lisa followed. Burgers, dogs, potato salad, chips and all the trimmings. Lots of people and lots of fun.....for dessert cupcakes and Sigies delicious scumpets (Keifer term for her cream puffs). Shaun came home with us for an overnighter. As I tried to go to bed, I kept hearing loud laughter coming from the other room. Keifer and Shaun were just busting each other up!!
Some of the moving helpers-Robert, Ward, Craig, Lisa and Christine
Keifer and Shaun
Sigie and Cindy finishing off the cleaning in the kitchen
Christine tucking stuff away!
The next morning, boys up and over to Josh and Meredith's to pack up the truck. Josh's entire family was there, Lisa and Craig, Ward and Sigie and a couple of Josh's buddies. It went quick and before it got hot everyone took off to rest up. That evening we all gathered again to Lisa's for pizza and a final evening together. Good luck Josh and Mer!! Hope to see you again soon!

Mother's Day in Hawaii

rita and I went.......

Justin's birthday in Hawaii


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Aiono Prom Dinner

After a phone call with Heather, I was over at the Aiono's helping with a dinner for 12 kids and their prom. Pictures to follow.........