Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lauren is 26!

Lauren turned 26 on the 23rd!! seems impossible-but Oh how it is! Her first request was to sleep in. With her new job as Hale mom I can definately see how she needs it. 2nd request-Ted's bakery for lunch.
So off to Ted's at Sunset beach we went. Lauren and Trevor waiting at the table for the food. Then suddenly the rain, came and came and came. Just as we began to eat, the rain fell harder and harder. We were soaked by the time the meal was over and the rain stopped. Oh well, it was Ok because we were in our suits headed to the beach. We made it to Hukilau for about 20 minutes and then the rain came again! We packed up and headed over to Ponders where we got a good hour in before the rains...........
Lauren sneaking some Ted's leftovers before the birthday dinner.
We made it home to shortly thereafter begin the dinner celebration of tacos.
Justin is helping out in the kitchen.
Lauren's favorite Chantilly cake from Ted's bakery. Trevor snuck over early in the morning
and claims the famous Ted himself wrote the happy birthday!
The happy girl with her guy and the cake!
Lauren and Trevor!
Trevor's sisters were here-Kendilyn and Michelle, Jason and baby D, Tara and Nick, Brin and Maikele Nui and Justin's friends Holly and Emily.

New Moon!

How did I forget to post that we went to "New Moon" on Friday! It just happened that Lauren's best friend Tara's mom was here too! So all of us went to the newly refurbished theater here for a lovely matinee. We had a great time and the movie was pretty good--loved the scenery!

Tara's mom-Evelyn, Tara, Lauren and me

We took pictures while waiting for the movie to start!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Area conference in Hawaii

The last 2 days, everyone around here has been making final preparations for the arrival of President Monson and Elder Perry and other general authorities for a All Hawaiian island area conference. But before all the excitement got started, they received word President Monson wouldn't becoming due to a fall Sister Monson took a couple of weeks ago and she was still in the hospital recovering.

Saturday was a priesthood session and Justin was asked to sing in the men's choir. One of students at BYUH arranged the music and Trevor told us in was beautiful. Before they began the meeting, Justin said Elder Perry looked at the group and said, "you know, the music is the most important part of the meeting." That made me feel better about my calling!

This morning we arrived early for the meeting. A stake here on the island was singing and it was absolutely beautiful. Everyone was in white with black kakui nut leis. The sound was so beautiful I immediately started to cry. There is something about Polynesian voices that get me every time. Elder Maynes of the seventy talked about "the church will never be stronger than the next generation. Elder McConkie gave a quote from the author David McCullough saying, "attitude isn't taught, it's caught". Think about that for a minute, it's really true. The other talks were great as well.

Elder Perry talked about Thanksgiving and how the tradition began. He talked about William Bradford wanting the original purpose for Thanksgiving to be a time of fasting and prayer. He read from the original document that was instituted when George Washington was president. He stated that our forefathers asked that God would "pardon us", that we" promote knowledge and true religion" and "humbly offer prayer and supplication to the Lord" to celebrate Thanksgiving.
President Monson was able to deliver his address by satellite. He talked about his wife. He said, "Love is often felt, but seldom expressed" and we need to show our love more. He talked about the "lost battalion" and how so feel no one cares. Each of need to be a friend. The best quote came from Wardon Duffy of San Quentin prison. Someone asked him referring to his prisoners, if he "knew a leopard doesn't change his spots". His reply came back, "sir I work with men not leopards." Such an awesome quote! Anyone can change, anyone can repent and be who they want to be!
What a beautiful Sunday in paradise!

in Laie

Bob came in last night but while we were waiting we shopped until we dropped! Lauren, Trevor and I went to the Ala Moana shopping center. We were doing some birthday shopping for Lauren. For those of you who used to frequent the Ala Moana back in the day, there has been some big changes! As the sign says, "50 years"! It is a huge mall now with every shop you can think of. Of course in Hawaiian style they had a live band playing in the center court and Christmas decorations out. They had poinsettia stuck in all the tropical plants-different-but beautiful........many memories of that shopping center!

As we drove in, it reminded me of an experience I had while going to school in Hawaii in 1980.

My friend Verna and I had taken the bus to Ala Moana to shop on a Saturday. We shopped all day, had a great time and had to run to catch the final bus of the evening. We hopped on a bus as we continued visiting about the fun we had during the day. As the bus continued to go we didn't recognize the area we were in but didn't think much of it because we weren't all that familiar with the island. Suddenly the bus stopped and the bus driver said, "girls this is the final stop. You need to get off." We answered, "but this isn't where we are going!" He said, "I'm sorry you need to get off. I can't take you any further." Verna and I got off the bus and looked at each other and said what do we do? We were dropped off in a grassy area under a street light. There was nothing around us, no landmarks, no houses, no humanity. We sat there for a while and then it began to start getting dark. We then decided we had to pray. We prayed for help and to figure out what to do. We sat there for a little bit and then a family is a stationwagon drove up to us. They asked if we went to BYUHawaii and we said we did. They then asked if we were lost and we said we were. Then they told us to get in the car and they would take us home. I still remember the dad's attitude of "those silly girls". They gave us a ride back to campus and we were so grateful. To this day, I have no idea where we were but I absolutely know that the Lord was watching out for us silly college girls and sent that family to protect us. I can never deny the Lord hears and answers our prayers!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I Forgot the Door!

Ok, I must apologize to my door followers. I forgot to take a picture! I'm now in Hawaii and will be for Thanksgiving! Dang..I'll take the picture when I get home and post it for a few days!

Monday, November 16, 2009

We went to Houston

For the 1st time ever, we went to visit Houston, TX. We went to see my old roommate Karen and her new family. We also went to help her decorate and organize her beautiful new house. She lives in a place called Spring just outside Houston. The homes were lovely and quite large in that part of Texas, but isn't everthing bigger in Texas!! Her husband is a very nice guy and the step children are so sweet. They love her and fact that she is now their mom.

Karen and Flint

Matt, Eden and Dane

When we arrived Karen had our room set up like a hotel suite complete with Martenellis, chocolate cupcakes, candles and a card. It was our 27th anniversary and she had been a bridesmaid so it was fun to celebrate with all of us together again.

We went to the Houston temple. The granite on the outside and the peaks at the top reminded me of the Salt Lake Temple. After the temple, they took us out to dinner.

After church pose.....Eden, Uncle Bob, Dane and Matt on the new sectional

1st dinner in the new dining room-Mr. Dane, Uncle Bob and Miss Eden

and the big dawg, Mr. Matt stretching out after mom's delicious chimis!!

Mr. Dane took a strong liking to "Uncle Bob". It was really cute and followed him around. I even found Bob laying on Dane's bed reading a bedtime story one night!

We worked our tails off but I think her home is ready for the holidays!


On Sunday, November 8th, we had a pre-thanksgiving dinner with Ward and Sig.
It was cozy and delicious.
Keifer holding the mound of potatoes!

Sigie and I messing around with the camera...we couldn't get it right!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Branson blesses his baby, Sidney

Branson and Tiffany blessed their baby today. Since Branson's parents moved from the valley, they had the luncheon over at our house. I was so busy,
I forgot to take pictures; I only have a few.Myreel and baby Sidney-definately Branson's kid!
Branson's sisters made a quilt for the baby. Camille, Tiffany, Delon and Branson.

Halloween Eve with Grandma Rita

We made a quick trip to UT to see Grandma Rita on Halloween Eve. Bob and Grandma around her door decoration. We discovered Grandma likes to sit on her bench, slumped over and scare the trick-o-treaters!
Grandma LaRita and her witch, Helda. She made the witch
including the face and the dress-all of it!

Halloween family night with Seth's family

The table was set and ready for our FHE Halloween dinner with Seth, Colleen and the kids!
you must notice the chandelier!
Seth and Dallin not happy with the wig!
Nikki making her sugar cookie
Calin posing!
Nikki with her cookie
and Malaya with hers!
Bob and Dallin and Malaya posing!
Bob and Dallin a little happier
Seth and serious Dallin
Seth, Dallin and Frank!
The girls and their wigs

Ward and Sigie's for Sunday dinner

On Sunday, October 25th we went to Ward and Sigie's for Sunday dinner. We had Stake Conference and it was so nice to go over there. Sigie's asked me to bring dessert.

This is what I came up with! I found it on the internet. It's a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. So delicious!
Sigie made a beautiful table and delicious dinner. It was sooo goood! Bob and I were there with Craig and Lisa, Janae and her friend Zach. It turned out we need Zach's aunt and he had spent time living in our ward. Such a small world!