Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hey Scottie!

Yesterday Bob and Keifer decided to go golfing and Keifer was sporting this little number. He told us the hat was Grandpa Dana's!! Nice scottish plaid!!

Justin leaves to go back to Hawaii

On December 31st, Justin boarded the plane back to Hawaii. Before he left, Keifer thought it was important that he take him on ride in the golf cart that he has been working on.

A trip to the Temple Lights

December 30th, Ward and Sigie came over for tacos. For some reason the tacos were extra delicious. We had Keifer sauce and Sigie taco sauce. As we talked, we discovered they had never been to the Christmas lights at the temple!! no kidding! Before the temple, Keifer took everyone for a ride in the RV. Ward and Sigie were like little kids in a candy store!! After the fun, we drove them to the temple lights. It was beautiful and we made a date for next year to walk around!

Christmas Eve do-over!

Since our Christmas Eve was just coming down from the emotional adventure, Lisa mentioned that we needed to get together for Sunday dinner on December 28th. I told her Keifer had asked why we didn't have Christmas Eve with the Davis'. She talked to Ward and Sigie and had our "do over".

Ward did his "12 days of Christmas" with his poster board that he's had for over 30 years!

Sigie read the boys a Christmas story and then we all played the "wRights" and everyone sang "Silent Night"; yes everyone!

Christmas 2008

After the stress of Christmas Eve subsided, we settled into a quiet Christmas morning. Bob sporting the BYU cap from Keifer.

Keifer and Justin reading cards from grandparents with Lauren listening in on the cell phone.
For dinner, the Aiono's invited over for a buffet with family and friends. We had a lot of food! Heather in the background washing dishes.

Christmas Eve in Kanab, UT!!!

On the 23rd as I was leaving the airport, riding the bus to the employee parking lot, I received a call from Keifer. For once they had left early; I was proud of them for getting an early start so they could travel in the snow in daylight. When I saw the call from Keifer I thought he was checking in but how wrong I was. He was checking in alright to tell us that the engine on the Lexus has seized and they were stranded in Kanab. They told us they had called the sheriff for help and he refused. It was snowing, so they put on the snowboard gear and got out of the car and began "thumbing". They said it was snowing. The trucker took them back into town to the Uhaul store. One inside they discovered the guy behind the counter was the sheriff who wouldn't come help them!! So remember that all of you who stop in Kanab!! The Uhaul was going to be about $1200.00, so Bob and I got a dollie in Phoenix for $39 and headed to Kanab. Keifer and Justin got a hotel room and waiting for us to show up about 10:30. We had a warm night in the hotel room and woke up early Christmas Eve for an early start. We headed down for breakfast only to be greeted by a bus full of Japanese tourist!! At that point I felt like I was in some kind of cruel movie!! We managed some breakfast and headed home to deliver the car in our front yard! I don't think I'll soon forget this Christmas Eve! but all were safe and sound!
and the even crazier part of the story was Lisa had a feeling that something was going to happen to the boys. She made me promise I would let her know each time then checked in. I thought she was being silly--but it was me that was a bit off!

Dinner and a fireside

On December 14th, I put together a musical fireside celebrating Christmas. Some of the Bodines agree to sing with Justin, so we decided to have dinner before.

Lucas, Bert Millet, Micah, Justin and Casey

On the other side of the table, Tyler, Stephanie (about to give birth!), David (holding his child) Whitney (holding Kelli's child) and Kelli. We had a wonderful dinner and the music was beautiful. Many comments from the ward stating what a beautiful evening!